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Who are these jokers?

A podcast to fix the charity sectors' woes


Currently working in corporate fundraising for Rays of Sunshine

Andy is a fundraising powerhouse with the networking skills of a cunning fox - he’s always keen to meet new people from the sector and understand their drives and goals. His experience has always been fundraising - from community to challenges and more recently corporate partnerships, he’s a font of knowledge with more speaking gigs at IoF conferences than Tom's had hot dinners

Biggest Pet Peeve

Siloed fundraising teams

Favourite Drink

Gin-ger beer. Geddit? 


Currently working at tech for good start-up Lightful

Tom is as much a muddle of digital know-how and memes as he is a human being. With experience supporting charities working at JustGiving and now, Lightful, Tom is a career fundraiser who loves all things tech. He’s got his spanner at the ready to try and fix fundraising - or at least not make it any worse.

Biggest Pet Peeve

Diversity on boards

Favourite Drink

Any IPA with a fancy name

Fixing Fundraising

Your friendly neighbourhood charity podcast 

Everything from digital to corporate and all the other buzzwords inbetween, this is Fixing Fundraising - the charity sector's agony uncles at large! 

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