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A podcast to fix the charity sectors' woes

Episode 3 

Sian doesn't have time for your press releases! 

Sian Elvin, award winning journalist of myLondon fame goes hard on press releases - and how charities don't know how the system works! Hear from Sian on getting the right tone and content in press releases to pique the interest of the frustratingly busy journo (local or otherwise) who just wants to crack on with the next big story!

Episode 2 

Emily can't make it go viral - so stop asking! 

Emily Casson, Digital Fundraising Guru at Cats Protection and, according to Andy, more of a Twitter profile than a person, has had enough of viral! 

Episode 1 

Morgan is on a mission to fix transparency! 

Andy and Tom are joined by philanthro-nerd and all-round awesome person, Morgan Kainth, who's on a crusade to fix transparency

Fixing Fundraising

Your friendly neighbourhood charity podcast 

Everything from digital to corporate and all the other buzzwords inbetween, this is Fixing Fundraising - the charity sector's agony uncles at large! 

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